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Patch Clamp Amplifier

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The EPC 10 USB amplifiers are available with one (EPC 10 USB), two (EPC 10 USB Double), three (EPC 10 USB Triple) or four (EPC 10 USB Quadro) amplifiers. This hardware product line is fully integrated with HEKA's data acquisition LIH 8+8 AD/DA interface. The interface utilizes USB 2.0 and high speed processing technologies. The advanced integration of the EPC 10 USB with the interface and software minimizes total recording noise, eliminates compatibility problems and reduces additional equipment expenses and set-up time.

The digital control of all amplifier functions has been designed with two advantages in mind. Firstly, as the computer controls the functions of the amplifier, the data acquisition program can access and store variables that describe all of the settings during an experiment. Secondly, computer control allows the user to highly automated the experiments.


These include automatic switching (e.g, switching between the settings for establishing a seal or those for single channel recording) and also the automatic adjustment of capacitance transients cancellation and series resistance compensation. In fact, digital control of every adjustable parameter in the amplifier circuitry is implemented, including the calibration adjustments.

The EPC 10 USB is a complete data acquisition system, which can be controlled with HEKA's PATCHMASTER or PATCHMASTER NEXT software. A DLL (dynamic link library) is available to allow access of the system from a custom written application. The EPC 10 USB patch clamp amplifier, combined with a computer and PATCHMASTER or PATCHMASTER NEXT software is equivalent to a fully equipped setup, which includes a patch clamp amplifier, a digital storage oscilloscope, a variable analog filter, a sophisticated pulse generator, and a fully featured data acquisition and analysis system.

The EPC 10 USB amplifier comes with a Red Star headstage as a standard. It is also possible to order the instrument with the S-Probe.

  • Low noise single channel recordings
  • Low noise whole-cell patch clamp recordings: voltage clamp and current clamp / LFVC
  • Loose patch recordings
  • Intracellular voltage recordings with high resistance electrodes
  • Field potential recordings with metal microelectrodes
  • Recording from artificial membranes (Bilayer recordings)
  • Study of Long Term Potentiation (LTP) and Long Term Depression (LTD)
  • Study of Exocytosis/Endocytosis or Synaptic transmission by:
    • Measurement of whole-cell membrane capacitance (PATCHMASTER)
    • Measurement of on-cell membrane capacitance (PATCHMASTER)
    • Detection of released substances (amperometry with e.g. carbon fibre electrodes
    • Detection of releases substances under a patch (patch amperometry)

  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 90 x 17 x 14.5 mm / 3.54 x 0.67 x 0.57 inch, without connector
  • Improved noise performance in the important 1 - 10 kHz band
  • Three feedback resistors for three gain ranges, switchable during the measurement
  • Optimized for single-channel and whole-cell recordings
  • Quiet enough for the most demanding single-channel applications
  • Retrofittable on older EPC 10 Amplifiers



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Order Number: 895000

EPC 10 USB Single Patch Clamp Amplifier including 1x Red Star Headstage, 1x Pipette Holder (1.5 mm), 1x Model Cell (MC-10)

Order Number: 895255

EPC 10 USB Single Main Unit (no headstage, no pipette holder included)

Order Number: 895273

EPC 10 USB Single Patch Clamp Amplifier including 1x Red Star Headstage, 1x Pipette Holder (1.5 mm), 1x Model Cell (MC-10), 1 Patchmaster Next Software License

Order Number: 895277

EPC 10 USB Single Patch Clamp Amplifier including 1x S-Probe Headstage, 1x Pipette Holder (1.5 mm), 1x Model Cell (MC-10), 1 Patchmaster Next Software License

The EPC 10 USB Patch Clamp Amplifiers are shipped by default with 1.5 mm (OD) pipette holders. Other diameters are available on request.

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